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Ornamental Grasses


Fringe consists of ornamental grasses that offer something for every garden—and every garden style. They can elevate your outdoor spaces with texture, movement, and structure.

ice dance japanese sedge


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Turn a dull, blank garden space into a snazzy spot with Ice Dance Japanese Sedge. A gloomy, shady corner becomes bright and welcoming when filled with its lively green foliage edged with crisp white margins. Ice Dance looks dapper all season—even during winter in mild areas!

morning light maiden grass


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You don’t have to be a morning person to appreciate Morning Light Maiden Grass. This lovable Fringe variety is appealing at all times of day. Every little breeze tousles the delicate foliage, adding to the feeling of softness and lightness. Feathery white plumes complete the look, catching the sunlight in a way that will enchant you!

northwind switch grass


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Northwind stands strong and proud with relatively wide, thick, blue-green leaf blades that turn a luminous gold color in the fall. In late summer, tight, upright, pinkish plumes emerge that fade to cream. This sturdy Fringe variety keeps its militarystraight posture throughout the winter, too. Use it to give structure to the beds and borders around your home.

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  • Gracillimus Maiden Grass Tree

    Gracillimus Maiden Grass

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    Pink Muhly Grass

  • Adagio Maiden Grass Tree

    Adagio Maiden Grass

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    Golden Japanese Forest Grass

  • Blue Zinger Blue Sedge Tree

    Blue Zinger Blue Sedge

  • Evergold Weeping Sedge Tree

    Evergold Weeping Sedge

  • Graziella Maiden Grass Tree

    Graziella Maiden Grass

  • Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass Tree

    Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass

  • Heavy Metal Switchgrass Tree

    Heavy Metal Switchgrass

  • Ice Dance Japanese Sedge Tree

    Ice Dance Japanese Sedge

  • Japanese Forest Grass Tree

    Japanese Forest Grass

  • Morning Light Maiden Grass Tree

    Morning Light Maiden Grass

  • Northwind Switchgrass Tree

    Northwind Switchgrass

  • Overdam Feather Reed Grass Tree

    Overdam Feather Reed Grass

  • Prairie Fire Orange Sedge Tree

    Prairie Fire Orange Sedge

  • Red Head Fountain Grass Tree

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