Beautiful Azalea Shrub



Some shrubs bring festivity to your garden with vibrant red, orange, yellow, and burgundy foliage while making the perfect accents. Others can be used to make a hedge that blocks out sound and provides privacy. The sky’s the limit!

Golden Lights Azalea


Azalea x ‘Golden Lights’ (Northern Lights hybrid)

Golden Lights is a particularly luminous azalea. In spring, its, gorgeous golden-yellow blossoms radiate pure sunshine. As a bonus, the blooms give off a fresh, sweet scent. Whether you live in a mild climate or one where winter temperatures drop to -30ºF, you can have success with this plant!



Syringa meyeri ‘Palibin’

Dwarf Korean Lilac is a dapper little lollipop-shaped tree for your entryway garden, patio area, courtyard, or any of the more formal planting beds around your home. A matching pair will elegantly frame a garden gate, a pathway, or your front door. This popular ornamental tree has sweetly fragrant purple flowers that will remind you of Grandma’s house, but this isn’t your grandmother’s Lilac! Dwarf Korean Lilac blooms a bit later than Common Lilacs and has wavy, nickel-sized leaves that never get mildew like Common Lilacs do. Whether in or out of bloom, this tree has a neat outline and a clean, polished look that complements many garden styles, both modern and traditional.



Rhododendron catawbiense ‘Holden’

Pink perfection! If precious pink flowers make you weak in the knees, then this is a must-have Accent for your landscape. Holden Rhododendron greets the merry days of mid-spring with a cavalcade of magnificent rosy pink blossoms. The blooms start out a rich red-pink upon first opening, eventually fading to a lovely sugar-pink. Glossy, dark evergreen leaves complete the picture. Holden Rhododendron is a compact plant that works wonderfully in foundation beds, entryway gardens, patio areas, and courtyards. You’ll appreciate its lush year-round greenery, and each spring you’ll look forward to its pretty parade of perky pink blooms.

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