Audubon® Native Shrubs


Native Shrubs

Audubon® Native Shrubs bring structure, beauty, and year-round interest to your landscape. An even bigger benefit, they create a hospitable environment for wildlife, including birds and butterflies, and bring an effortless, natural look to your plantings. Plant Audubon Native Shrubs build a better home for birds and versatile looks to your gardens!

*WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCH. Photo: Jocelyn Anderson/Great Backyard Bird Count

Please review native maps on product pages to ensure trees and plants are native to your planting location.

56 Results
  • Audubon® Common Witchhazel Tree Audubon® Common Witchhazel Leaf

    Audubon® Common Witchhazel

  • Audubon® Red Buckeye Tree Audubon® Red Buckeye Leaf

    Audubon® Red Buckeye

  • Audubon® American Currant Tree Audubon® American Currant Leaf

    Audubon® American Currant

  • Audubon® American Filbert Tree Audubon® American Filbert Leaf

    Audubon® American Filbert

  • Audubon® Arrowwood Viburnum Tree Audubon® Arrowwood Viburnum Leaf

    Audubon® Arrowwood Viburnum

  • Audubon® Bayberry Tree Audubon® Bayberry Leaf

    Audubon® Bayberry

  • Audubon® Beautyberry Tree Audubon® Beautyberry Leaf

    Audubon® Beautyberry

  • Audubon® Black Chokeberry Tree Audubon® Black Chokeberry Leaf

    Audubon® Black Chokeberry

  • Audubon® Blackhaw Viburnum Tree Audubon® Blackhaw Viburnum Leaf

    Audubon® Blackhaw Viburnum

  • Audubon® Bottlebrush Buckeye Tree Audubon® Bottlebrush Buckeye Leaf

    Audubon® Bottlebrush Buckeye

  • Audubon® Buttonbush Tree Audubon® Buttonbush Leaf

    Audubon® Buttonbush

  • Audubon® Carolina Buckthorn Tree Audubon® Carolina Buckthorn Leaf

    Audubon® Carolina Buckthorn

  • Audubon® Carolina Rose Tree

    Audubon® Carolina Rose

  • Audubon® Chickasaw Plum Tree Audubon® Chickasaw Plum Leaf

    Audubon® Chickasaw Plum

  • Audubon® Coralberry Tree Audubon® Coralberry Leaf

    Audubon® Coralberry

  • Audubon® Eastern Red Cedar Tree Audubon® Eastern Red Cedar Leaf

    Audubon® Eastern Red Cedar

  • Audubon® Eastern Wahoo Tree Audubon® Eastern Wahoo Leaf

    Audubon® Eastern Wahoo