Audubon® Native Perennials


Native Perennials

Audubon® Native Perennials are a gorgeous, safe haven for wildlife! Benefitting birds, pollinators, and other wildlife, while also thriving in your landscape as they flourish in their natural environment. Bring fresh fragrance, bright colors, and breathe life into your garden with Audubon Native Perennials and watch a host of colorful pollinators and birds flutter in joyful songs.

Please review native maps on product pages to ensure trees and plants are native to your planting location.

65 Results
  • Audubon® Butterfly Weed Tree Audubon® Butterfly Weed Leaf

    Audubon® Butterfly Weed

  • Audubon® Cardinal Flower Tree Audubon® Cardinal Flower Leaf

    Audubon® Cardinal Flower

  • Audubon® Swamp Milkweed Tree Audubon® Swamp Milkweed Leaf

    Audubon® Swamp Milkweed

  • Audubon® Trumpetvine Tree Audubon® Trumpetvine Leaf

    Audubon® Trumpetvine

  • Audubon® American Bittersweet Tree Audubon® American Bittersweet Leaf

    Audubon® American Bittersweet

  • Audubon® American Sweet Flag Tree Audubon® American Sweet Flag Leaf

    Audubon® American Sweet Flag

  • Audubon® Aromatic Aster Tree

    Audubon® Aromatic Aster

  • Audubon® Black-Eyed Susan Tree Audubon® Black-Eyed Susan Leaf

    Audubon® Black-Eyed Susan

  • Audubon® Blue Wild Indigo Tree

    Audubon® Blue Wild Indigo

  • Audubon® Blueflag Iris Tree Audubon® Blueflag Iris Leaf

    Audubon® Blueflag Iris

  • Audubon® Brown Eyed Susan Tree Audubon® Brown Eyed Susan Leaf

    Audubon® Brown Eyed Susan

  • Audubon® Christmas Fern Tree Audubon® Christmas Fern Leaf

    Audubon® Christmas Fern

  • Audubon® Columbine Tree Audubon® Columbine Leaf

    Audubon® Columbine

  • Audubon® Common Milkweed Tree Audubon® Common Milkweed Leaf

    Audubon® Common Milkweed

  • Audubon® Compass Plant Tree Audubon® Compass Plant Leaf

    Audubon® Compass Plant

  • Audubon® Copper Iris Tree

    Audubon® Copper Iris

  • Audubon® Creeping Spikerush Tree

    Audubon® Creeping Spikerush