Native Plants for Birds

When you plant native trees and plants, you help local wildlife. Audubon® Plants for Birds is not only a unique and enjoyable gift for you or a friend, but also an important gift for our butterflies and birds. Offering food and shelter for our winged friends, and a gorgeous showpiece for your landscape! With beautiful showy flowers, and brilliant seasonal changes – this is a gift you won’t want to miss! Start a butterfly garden or a bird sanctuary. Shop now and support your local ecosystem while also beautifying your landscape!


Please review native maps on product pages to ensure trees and plants are native to your planting location.

247 Results
  • Audubon® American Beech Tree Audubon® American Beech Leaf

    Audubon® American Beech

  • Audubon® American Hornbeam Tree Audubon® American Hornbeam Leaf

    Audubon® American Hornbeam

  • Audubon® American Hop Hornbeam Tree Audubon® American Hop Hornbeam Leaf

    Audubon® American Hop Hornbeam

  • Audubon® American Sweetgum Tree Audubon® American Sweetgum Leaf

    Audubon® American Sweetgum

  • Audubon® American Sycamore Tree Audubon® American Sycamore Leaf

    Audubon® American Sycamore

  • Audubon® Bald Cypress Tree Audubon® Bald Cypress Leaf

    Audubon® Bald Cypress

  • Audubon® Black Gum Tree

    Audubon® Black Gum

  • Audubon® Bur Oak Tree Audubon® Bur Oak Leaf

    Audubon® Bur Oak

  • Audubon® Butterfly Weed Tree Audubon® Butterfly Weed Leaf

    Audubon® Butterfly Weed

  • Audubon® Canadian Hemlock Tree Audubon® Canadian Hemlock Leaf

    Audubon® Canadian Hemlock

  • Audubon® Cardinal Flower Tree Audubon® Cardinal Flower Leaf

    Audubon® Cardinal Flower

  • Audubon® Carolina Silverbell Tree Audubon® Carolina Silverbell Leaf

    Audubon® Carolina Silverbell

  • Audubon® Chinkapin Oak Tree

    Audubon® Chinkapin Oak

  • Audubon® Common Persimmon Tree

    Audubon® Common Persimmon

  • Audubon® Common Witchhazel Tree Audubon® Common Witchhazel Leaf

    Audubon® Common Witchhazel

  • Audubon® Eastern Redbud Tree Audubon® Eastern Redbud Leaf

    Audubon® Eastern Redbud