Birch Tree

Birch Tree

Birch Tree

Birch Tree

The Birch Tree is elegant and instantly recognizable. Known for their unusual bark that peels like paper, these are true winter interest trees—but we absolutely love their vibrant gold foliage during fall, too!

Heritage® River Birch Tree - Single Stem


Betula nigra ‘Cully’ PP 4409

Birch trees are renowned for their beautiful bark, and Heritage® River Birch is no exception. All year long, its shaggy, peaches-and-cream-colored bark will be a standout in your landscape. Planting this fast-growing tree at one or more corners of your home is a classic way to frame your house and soften its edges. Landscape lighting adds extra drama at night. Have a low spot in your yard that stays soggy? Don’t go through all the effort of digging a French drain—plant a River Birch tree instead! This adaptable tree will happily soak up the extra moisture, though it doesn’t require wet soil to thrive.

Young's Weeping Birch in the landscape


Betula pendula ‘Youngii’

Young’s Weeping Birch gives you the look of a Weeping Willow tree, but on a smaller scale that’s more in tune with modest-sized gardens. Like Weeping Willow, this fast-growing ornamental tree is pure poetry, from the rhythmic rise and fall of its limber branches to the way the diamond-shaped leaves flutter and twirl in the wind. Its graceful habit inspires a feeling of serenity.

Whitebarked Himalayan Birch Tree - Single Stem in the Landscape


Betula utilis var. ‘Jacquemonti’

Few trees in your landscape will get noticed more than White-Barked Himalayan Birch. You can highlight this drama queen at night with strategically angled landscape lighting, but you don’t have to, because that spanking-white bark is so bright it practically glows in the dark! Planted in front of evergreens or the dark brick or siding of your home, this flashy, fast-growing Birch tree will quickly make it clear who’s the star of the show. Though it’s an Asian species, White-Barked Himalayan Birch closely resembles our native Paper Birch, and like Paper Birch, it looks smashing planted in small groupings or groves. Underplant with daffodils and ferns for an unforgettable, low-maintenance vignette.

Audubon® Sweet Birch in the Landsdcape


Betula lenta

Crack open a Birch beer and watch the birds cavort in your backyard Sweet Birch Tree! Sweet Birch is the traditional source of flavoring for Birch beer, and so this eastern native holds a special place in the hearts of many country folks, especially in Pennsylvania, where it grows most abundantly. But Sweet Birch is a boon to birds, too! Chickadees, sparrows, redpolls, Pine Siskins, towhees, crossbills, and cardinals are some of the many birds that gather to dine on its buds, blooms, and seeds. Insect-eating birds delight in the wide assortment of caterpillars Sweet Birch hosts as well. A choice addition to your backyard bird sanctuary.

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