Dogwood Tree

Dogwood Tree

Dogwood Tree

Dogwood trees are for everyone—and we have plenty to choose from! Some enliven landscapes in early spring with their cheerful blooms while others shine later in the season, and many have striking variegated leaves that almost glow during the autumn months. The Cornelian Cherry Dogwood is a particular favorite dogwood tree of ours!

Cornelian Cherry Dogwood Tree


Cornus mas – Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

When the birds ramp up their love songs and the first plants send out new green shoots, look to the Cornelian Cherry Dogwood tree’s cheery yellow flowers to confirm that spring is on its way. This super-early bloomer will be a soothing sight to your winter-weary eyes each spring.

Scarlet Fire Dogwood Tree


Cornus kousa ‘Rutpink’ PP28,311

Revolutionary! Scarlet Fire® Rutgers Japanese Dogwood is a breakthrough in Dogwood breeding. Whereas other pink Japanese Dogwoods offer up blooms that are a soft pastel pink, Scarlet Fire® produces flowers that are vivid, vivacious, deep fuchsia-pink color.

Audubon Native White Flowering Dogwood


Cornus florida

This is a tree you’ll want to have right outside your window! Flowering Dogwood puts on several performances throughout the year, and you’ll want a front-row seat for all of them. But from late summer until well into winter, that’s when the real show happens if you’re a fan of backyard birds. Bluebirds, robins, cardinals, Cedar Waxwings, grosbeaks, mockingbirds, and Blue Jays are some of the many birds that come to feast on Flowering Dogwood’s glossy red fruits.

Japanese Dogwood


Cornus kousa

Japanese Kousa Dogwood is a showstopper in late spring, when its branches—arranged in broad wedding-cake tiers—are frosted thickly with brilliant white flowers. The branches literally sag under the weight of all those flowers! This Dogwood’s compact size makes it easy to fit in anywhere in your landscape—even under most power lines. This choice specimen tree adds value to a home wherever it is planted and will give many years of pleasure to whoever is lucky enough to own one.

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