Magnolia Tree

Magnolia Tree

Magnolia Tree

The Magnolia Tree is the beacon of spring, whether planted by themselves or in groves! They’re known and loved for their fragrant blooms, which are usually yellow, white, or pink and can grow as large as ten inches across! Galaxy Magnolia, with its hot pink blooms, is definitely one of our favorites!

Sweetbay Magnolia Tree


Magnolia virginiana

Sweetbay Magnolia will bring a feeling of lightness to your landscape with its airy habit and silver-backed leaves dancing in the wind, making a pleasing contrast to dark evergreens, stone, brick, and wood. This delicate Magnolia is heavy on fragrance, and every year you’ll look forward to late spring and early summer, when this small specimen tree opens its creamy-white flowers. They pour out a lovely lemony scent that you’ll come to associate with grilling out, backyard picnicking, sitting by the pool, and all the outdoor fun that takes place during that wonderful time of year. And, being a moderately fast-growing tree, Sweetbay doesn’t take long to get the show underway!

Sunsation Magnolia Tree - Multi Stem


Magnolia x ‘Sunsation’

Outrageous! Sunsation Magnolia will be a traffic-stopper in your landscape in spring. Brakes will squeal as gawkers stop to get a better look. “What kind of tree covers itself in huge (seven-inch) yellow flowers?” they’ll wonder. Sunsation becomes even more fascinating upon closer inspection, when you notice the rosy-pink brushstroke at the base of each creamy yellow petal.

Dr. Merrill Magnolia Tree - Multi Stem


Magnolia grandiflora

Southern Magnolia rolls out the welcome mat to birds in a display of southern hospitality. When this majestic flowering tree trades its huge, bowl-shaped, ivory-colored summer blooms for fall seeds, the birds come flocking. Robins and mockingbirds love the glossy red seeds, as do vireos, wood thrushes, and kingbirds. The seeds are high in fat, making them especially valuable to birds when they need the extra energy the most (whether migrating south or surviving the winter in place).

Galaxy Magnolia Tree - Single Stem


Magnolia x ‘Galaxy’

Galaxy Magnolia is a fun plant with traffic-stopping hot pink flowers in spring. You’ll be amazed when the fat, furry buds (which look and feel like big, soft Pussy Willow buds) burst open to release fragrant waterlily-like blossoms that can measure up to 10 inches across! Blooming along with Jane Magnolia and Butterflies Magnolia, Galaxy usually flowers late enough to escape damaging frosts. This vigorous and disease-resistant Magnolia tree was hybridized by the National Arboretum in Washington, D.C., so it’s almost unpatriotic not to grow one! Plant this stunner by your front walkway, porch, patio, living room window, or any place you’d like to see some big-time drama in spring.

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